Changing Courses in 'YogaLife'

YogaLife - Changing Courses

How did yoga help me to master major changes in my life? In a YogaLife article published in the Winter 2006 issue, I am discussing how yoga played a big role in keeping me on track and enabling me to follow my dreams. Here’s an excerpt:

How did you decide to change careers? When you love something so much, it’s hard to make it a career because you have a sense you’ll lose your love for it. One day I read an article about Julia Child. She started cooking when she was 30 and went on to change the history of American food forever. That’s the day I applied to culinary school.

How did the Skinny Chef business start? The name Skinny Chef came about because I am very into yoga and healthy eating-my friends make fun of me for being slender and yet so much in love with food. I wanted my company to be something that believed in healthy cooking and food as nourishment, enjoyment, and balance.

What makes your cooking “skinny”? I model my cooking on how Europeans cook: A little wine, a little meat, and small portions. The trick to eating tasty-low-fat-healthy is getting the freshest ingredients. It’s about being clever and trying options that add flavor and nutrition.

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