Healthy Homemade Foods

In this segment, which aired on Thursday, April 19, 2007 on New York’s CBS2 News at 5, Jennifer is trying to get folks back on track by teaching families about nutrition and how to cook quick and healthy meals at home.

CBS’s Cindy Hsu admitted that “cooking is just one of those things I never picked up, so I’ve fallen into the rut of ordering out all the time or trying to piece together some pretty sad meals for my daughter Rosie.”

“The guilt factor goes way up when you’re caring for a little one who is picking up your habits,” so Cindy investigated how Skinny Chef teaches healthy home cooking for kids and busyparents who order out too much.

What’s so Bad about Take-Out?

Take-out is a time-saver, but boy can it be tough on your waistline and overall health! Are you having a hard time getting the kids to eat home-cooked meals when they crave dishes from their favorite take-out place?

Find out how the Skinny Chef taught a New York City family, the Blackshires, how to cook healthy versions of take-out classics. She keeps it healthy, simple, and fun with perfect meal suggestions that your little ones will gobble up!

Recipes Covered in Segment

Browse the following recipes covered in the segment, and be sure to download & print a copy for your files!

  • Chicken and Veggie Stir-fry
    Take-out Chinese is loaded is loaded with fat as anyone can see when they look in the bottom of the greasy paper or plastic container. My stir fry uses the same savory seasonings without all the grease- keep the flavor, skip the fat.

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  • Orange Sherbet
    This creamy treat is lean, mean and packed with protein! A perfect healthy dessert for kids and parents who have a hankering for something sweet without too much sugar and fat.
  • Buttermilk Chicken Fingers
    Moist and tender, no kid or parent for that matter can resist my version of buttermilk chicken. What’s the best part about these moist chicken bites? They’ll never know how good it is for them!

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