Healthy Eating Tips: Pantry Refresh

Flavor is extremely important to me – so when I create new healthy recipes, I am always mindful to make the new dish really tasty. Another component of healthy cooking is to have the right staples on hand, so that you don’t have to run out in the middle of cooking.

You’ve probably seen my previous videos with refreshers on how to grill healthier, how to make over your fridge and how to make over your freezer.

Did you realize that small changes in kitchen staples can help your family get healthy, almost effortlessly?

In this video feature on AOL Food, I share smart grocery shopping swaps to pack maximum health benefits into everyday eating.

After analyzing my friend’s kitchen pantry, I zeroed in on canned soups, tomato paste, BBQ sauce, cereals and mac & cheese to introduce healthier swaps for your entire family.

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