March 2012 Newsletter

Healthy Eating NewsletterMarch was considered the first month of the year according to the Romans, who named the month after the god of war, Mars.

I see March as the turning point between winter and spring, an opportune time to clean house and freshen up eating habits. So don’t spend those rainy evenings in front of the TV, gear up for spring and warm weather and spring-clean your eating habits! Even if you already eat healthy, there is always something new and delicious to try.

Do you know that 75% of our bodies are made of water? Eight glasses of water for good health is no myth — actually most health experts say to drink half your weight in ounces. Drinking more water could solve a health issue you’re grappling with now, in fact it could mean an end to headaches, acne, and even fatigue. Sorry — diet drinks, sports drinks, and even teas don’t hydrate the way water does. They actually pull water from the body’s supply for digestion – so go pure, drink plain water.

Free Health History Review

Looking for more easy, no-nonsense health eating tips? Email me and receive a free health history consultation until the end of March 2012. I’m currently enlisted in the Health Coaching Program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Since 1992, Integrative Nutrition has been at the forefront of holistic nutrition education, offering cutting-edge health coach training. They are all about treating the mind, body, and spirit, something that I’ve always believed in!

Gourmet Healthy

Are you in the mood for something more gourmet? Then check out my delicious new video series that and I just launched on YouTube. With decadent recipes like steak frites, creamy chocolate mousse, tuna tartare and tasty wine pairings, Healthy Cheats is all about living the good life in a healthier way. Each week, I’ll share insider tips learned from working in the New York City restaurant scene and as a private chef for celebrities. If you send me a video response, you’ll receive a chance to get free cookbook if I use it on the show so take a look — episodes post every Tuesday.

Happy and Healthy Cooking,

Jennifer Iserloh


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