Ways to Make Healthy Foods Taste Amazing


Getting tired of steamed vegetables and that old boring salad? Healthy cooking doesn’t have to be tasteless or complicated when you know how to use flavor boosters that are both extremely low in calories, fat and sugar-free, AND give you added health benefits to boot! Follow this fun guide to outfit your kitchen so you […]

Superfood Staples Grocery List


Superfoods not only give you superior nutrition but they are also great-tasting staples that you can turn into delicious, fast meals. Follow this super shopping guide to stock up on the top foods and learn just a bit about why they are must haves in your kitchen.

Sharing Meals Makes Your Family Stronger

cooking with the family

How can eating with family members help children develop healthy relationships with food and even nourish relationships with family members?

Changing The Way We Eat


TEDxManhattan hosted an all-day live-streaming conference on “Changing The Way We Eat” addressing issues in the sustainable food and farming movement.

50 Shades Of Kale Cooking Class

50 Shades of Kale Cooking Class

Here’s your chance to get more intimate with one of the hottest health foods out there — kale!! Register now for my class on March 7, 2014 — cooking and devouring recipes from my ’50 Shades of Kale’ book…

Healthy Deli Sandwiches


A zesty deli sandwich can be a healthy option for the quintessential American lunch, and a couple of quick spreads can make this typical fast food a little easier on the waistline.

How To Reduce Sodium Without Compromising Taste

Low-sodium Diet

When it comes to following a low-sodium diet, there’s definitely a right way to do it! Here are simply delicious ways to swap healthier items for high-sodium ingredients, without compromising on taste.

Is Everything You Know About Weight Loss Foods Wrong?


I’m sure you’ve seen the “one food to lose belly fat” but there are substantial studies that show that eating certain foods definitely affects satiety and how hungry you are throughout the day.