How to Shop the Farmer’s Market

How To Shop The Farmer's Market

Farmer’s Markets are the best way to getting the most delicious, seasonal produce while supporting local farmers and helping the environment.

Take the Fat Out of Fourth of July

Healthy 4th July Recipes & Tips

Wanna enjoy 4th of July “Greatest Hits” recipes guiltfree without letting them hit your hips? Here’s five simple swaps that make a world of difference!

The Magic Trick For Weight Loss Success


Looking for that one magic trick for weight loss success? As a certified health coach and passionate chef, you can probably guess my prescription…

Does Alcohol Turn To Sugar In Your Body?


It’s a frequent question that seems widely accepted as truth. But is it? My husband kept arguing with me about it for weeks, until I settled the discussion once and for all. Ready to find out?

4th of July Menu


Everyone loves the savory tastes of grilled foods on Fourth of July. Grilling is easy, but why not try some new flavors for your grill this weekend like my Jalapeno flank steaks, turkey burgers or chipotle shrimp? Check out my other suggestions for an awesome celebration!

How to Clean & Cook Mushrooms Properly

Chanterelle Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a wonder food with the same savory amino acids found in beef and other meats, but with a fraction of the calories. Get the skinny on how to clean & cook with mushrooms.

Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork

My husband says that pork is the food of the gods and I think most men would agree! Last time I made pulled pork for my neighbor Claudio’s birthday party, we saw 30 pounds of pulled pork vanish in just under 2 hours. Watch your fingers ladies when you set this out for your next party.

Superfoods for Clear Skin


What we eat and drink has a huge impact on skin health… because when it comes to nutrients and hydration, your skin is the last on the list to gets its share of the booty.