Cherry Upside-Down Cake

upside down cherry cakeAs a kid, I hated upside down cakes covered with masses of sticky glazed pineapple. Feared by many, it always popped up on buffet tables at family gatherings – from graduation parties to wedding receptions, year-round.

I’ve never been a big fan of canned fruit since, especially that gooey pie filling that most upside down cakes call for. So my upside down version is made with a thick, rich homemade filling of fresh cherries that is simple and superb. Buy yourself a cherry pitter to make it easy. Kids will want to help when they see you using a fun new gadget!

Makes one 8-inch cake



  1. Thanks for the recipe!!! Last night my boyfriends dad was over for dinner, so I wanted to make a dessert to impress. This did it! I used just the cherry portion of your recipe because unfortunately I didn’t have time to do the cake recipe too. I used a cake mix this time but can’t wait to try the whole recipe soon. They said it looked like something on a magazine cover and it tasted delicious too! So much better than canned filling.

    • Hey Jamie!

      So glad to hear it. Nothing says love like cooking it yourself 🙂

      And nothing wrong with having a box cake now and then, I usually do egg whites instead of the whole egg and just 1/4 cup of oil along with some fruit puree either pear, applesauce, or even a banana depending on the flavor.

      Thanks for sharing!

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