Double Dipping, Make it a Salsa Party!

Tomato Watermelon SalsaWhen I say “double dipping”, I don’t mean dipping your chip twice! I meant doing double duty by having fun and eating more fruits and veggies at the same time. It’s a great time to invite friends over for a festive salsa party with guilt-free fare.

Salsa is one of those international dishes with universal appeal. Plus, it’s low in calories and packed with nutrients! Most people tend to think of the “free” appetizer you get at your local Mexican restaurant, but salsas can be elegant and very versatile – all you need to do is think outside the box! So, next time you want to throw a little fiesta, wow your friends with a salsa party and introduce them to the many uses of the tasty, bite-sized sauce!

The Classic with a Twist: Chips and Salsa

Tomato Cantaloupe Salsa might sound strange, but the cantaloupe adds sweetness and color to this otherwise humdrum salsa. If cantaloup isn’t available, try mango for a tropic treat. I go for whole grain tortilla chips whenever possible and there are so many new tasty varieties available.

Italian Style: Bruschetta

Instead of your typical bruschetta topping, try using your favorite salsa instead. Pour some on top of toasted whole grain baguette, thinly sliced, and you have a delicious Mexican bruschetta!

Fresh and New

Tomato-based salsas are really great, but why not try something fresh and different? Make a salsa from grapefruit sections, whites grapes, green olives, and parsley for a sweet-and-sour dip. Serve it with low-fat, whole grain crackers or toasted whole grain pitas, cut into wedges. Or try using avocado with fruit. Avocado goes great with any fruit and I love it mixed with tart kiwi and lime juice.

The Main Course

Salsa doesn’t have to be restricted to the appetizer role. It actually comes in handy when preparing your main dishes too. For some inspiration, check out my Chipotle Chicken with Jicama Salsa recipe. Leftover salsa is also perfect to add flavor to your favorite egg dishes as a main brunch course. Use fresh salsa to cook bite-sized shrimp served table-side with toothpicks.

No Bake Dessert: Fruit Salsa

Fruit SalsaSalsa with dessert? Make dessert painless, fast, and fresh! Fruit salsa is delicious served with healthy cinnamon pita chips, on top of store-bought angel-food cake, or served over low-fat frozen yogurt. If you want to make it extra special, use it as a filling for home-made crepes that you can make ahead. The possibilities are endless. Try my favorite fruit salsa recipe from my friend Lauren.

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