Superfood Squared: Crispy Peanut Kale Chips Recipe


I talk a lot about the nutritional benefits of dark leafy greens like spinach, collards and kale. But it can be hard to get frozen pizza junkies, picky eaters or even ourselves to regularly eat these intensely flavored foods.

Check out my Crispy Peanut Kale Chips recipe that I developed for the National Peanut Board…taking the popular idea of kale chips to the next level by adding a crispy coating of another superfood: peanuts!

Peanuts are not only packed with more than 30 vitamins and nutrients, they’re also delicious and can make other superfoods tastier.

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  1. Jennifer, this looks so good!

    I think we often overlook the benefits of peanuts.

    It is one of those things that used to be a staple and in everyone’s cupboards. Maybe it is me but that doesn’t seem to be the case so much anymore.

    Maybe it is that there are so many food allergies, or maybe that there are so many other things available, but it doesn’t seem like peanuts are as much a part of our diets anymore.

    I found myself missing them…peanuts as a quick snack….peanut butter on toast.

    I’m getting hungry just thinking about. I think it is time to go check my cupboards.

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