Yucca Home Fries

Yucca Home FriesYucca Root or Cassava is a waxy root that grows in Southern America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Some studies say that yucca is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and helps to ease arthritis pain, but I love it since it’s high in fiber, crucial for intestinal health.

Serves 4



  1. what did you garnish the yucca fries with?

  2. RE: Yucca Home Fries

    1) Why a deep-sided skillet with only 3 tablespoons of oil?
    2) Why are we to heat one-half of the oil? What is the other half of the oil used for?

    Please let us know. Thanks.

    • Hi Bill!

      I reworded the recipe info- hope it makes more sense. I use a skillet with sides so that the oil doesn’t spatter, and you want to cook the yucca in batches, they don’t all fit in one skillet. I add the second half of the oil after the batch number 2. I find if you add the oil in stages you can use a lot less. Let me know how they turn out!

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