Molten Zucchini Chocolate Cake

Since seeing the mounds of butter and melted chocolate oozing across the screen in ‘Julie and Julia,’ I’ve been craving an indulgent chocolate dessert. So I made this rich, dark molten cake that’s crusty on top and soft and melted in the center.

Healthy Eating Tips: Snacking Refresh

Revamping your family’s snacking habits can result in huge health benefits – in my latest video on AOL, I share smart snack swaps to keep your family smiling and satisfied between meals.

Healthy Eating Tips: Pantry Refresh

Did you realize that small changes in kitchen staples can help your family get healthy, almost effortlessly? In my latest video feature on AOL Food, I share smart grocery shopping swaps to pack maximum health benefits into everyday eating. How healthy is your pantry?

Recipe for Tomatillo Salsa

I’m not fond of raw tomatillos, but once they are gently cooked – either roasted in a pan or boiled for a few minutes in water – and mixed with chilies, cilantro and lime, they transform into a bright and tangy sauce, fresh and cool for warm summer days.

How To Make Vanilla Ice Cream

When I was a kid, ice cream was synonymous with summer. I had a trained ear and could pick out the perky chimes of the ice cream truck from miles away. Here’s my recipe for home-made vanilla ice cream…

Bacon’s Bad Rap?

Bacon is a delicious treat, no doubt. It adds a lot of flavor to everything from your favorite breakfast to gourmet chocolates, and is a perfect match for refried beans. But, just how unhealthy is bacon, and could bacon be part of a healthy diet?

Sweet Spice O’ Mine

Spices and flavoring are essential to give foods the added complexity that makes for a fantastic tasting experience. In my latest AOL blog post, I share my thoughts on three sweet spices that really kick butt.