4th of July Menu

Everyone loves the savory tastes of grilled foods on Fourth of July. Grilling is easy, but why not try some new flavors for your grill this weekend like my Jalapeno flank steaks, turkey burgers or chipotle shrimp? Check out my other suggestions for an awesome celebration!

Celebrating 4th of July

With 4th of July coming up this weekend, many people are going to invite their friends and family over for BBQ. Grilling is one of my favorite summer-time activities, so I wanted to reintroduce a healthier burger option: turkey burgers!

Making Summer Burgers Slimming!

Check out the Iatest issue of ‘First For Women’ if you want my tips on making summer burgers slimming! In its June 2009 issue, Stephanie Izard, June Lin and I share our ‘chef’s secrets’ on getting more flavor into burgers with less beef!

Healthy Eating Tips: Grilling Refresh

Everyone could use a little help with healthier eating – as part of my latest video feature on AOL Food, I share my fresh tips for outdoor eating – so that the grilling season doesn’t derail your healthy eating habits!