Healthy Happy Hour

Do you love going out with friends but hate the idea of racking up hundreds of calories from those sweet frozen drinks? See my Healthy Happy Hour drinks in the July 2008 issue of Self magazine, and find out how to make them fresh and light at home!

Pasta Carbonara Light

Self Magazine included in their March 2010 issue my ‘Pasta Carbonara Light’ recipe from my first cookbook – now you can have the lighter side of delicious with all the same flavors, plus peas and fresh basil!

No-Cook Meals In Record Time

It’s summer, but what if you don’t want to cook? In a recent story entitled ‘The Big Chill’, published in the June 2009 issue of Self Magazine, I share six of my recipes for no-cook meals that make it from the fridge to the plate in record time!

Slim Down Your Cookout

For Self Magazine’s ‘Summer Eating Special’, I recently created five recipes that trim more than 300 calories and 30 grams of fat from your backyard feast with tasty takes on barbecue classics.

Eat Healthy All Week –

Eating right just got easier! In the November 2008 issue of Self Magazine, I share delicious suggestions for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and dessert – for each day of the week! Simply buy what’s on the shopping list to make a week’s worth of tasty, low-calorie meals.

Guilt-Free Grilling in Self Magazine

In the July 2007 issue of ‘Self’ Magazine, I am sharing my recipes for warm-weather favorites like pizza and burgers.

Secrets of a Private Chef

In a Q+A article in the summer 2007 issue, I talk about my family’s passion for food and how I managed my weight gain without giving up the thing I love most – cooking!