Quick Notes & Newsworthy Items

The posts in this category highlight content from around the web on cooking, food, nutrition, cookbooks, medical studies and more.... typically fairly short writeups why I think the information is noteworthy.

The New Atkins Made Easy

As the recipe developer for the “The New Atkins Made Easy” by Colette Heimowitz, I highlighted during a cooking demonstration at David Bouley’s test kitchen how easy and fast these dishes come together.

Why We Like the Foods We Like

A new article in the Smithsonian Magazine discusses recent research and experiments that might explain why we love certain foods and why we hate others. Listen in to Leonard Lopate sitting down with journalist Tom Vanderbilt discussing anything from pickles, eggplants, coffee, and spinach to chocolate…

Superfood Squared: Crispy Peanut Kale Chips Recipe

Check out my Crispy Peanut Kale Chips recipe that I developed for the National Peanut Board…taking the popular idea of kale chips to the next level by adding a crispy coating of another superfood: peanuts!

Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize Wish

Sharing powerful stories from his anti-obesity project in Huntington, W. Va., Jamie Oliver makes the case for an all-out movement to teach every child about food. See how you can get involved for Food Revolution Day…

Coffee Vs. Tea

Check out these factoids about coffee and tea… interesting data about the most caffeinated beverages.

How To Pair Wine With Foods

Sommeliers use opposing taste profiles such as sweet and sour all the time to create perfect food and wine pairings. Follow these simple guidelines to make the best wine and food pairings at home…

One Lunch Lady’s Cafeteria Conversion

This weekend, I happened to listen to this NPR audio segment about school lunches made from scratch. Of course, it struck a cord, since I am always encouraging folks to cook more at home, using superfoods and locally grown, seasonal foods.

The Perfect Baby Gift For The Second Baby?

Not sure what to get the expecting mother who already has everything she’ll need from her first child? I had the same challenge when my girlfriend Eliza announced she was pregnant with her second son. “I just wish you could come to my house and cook everyday!” she said with a sigh and slumped shoulders […]