Baking 500 Chocolate Chip Cookies; What Does it Take?

Cookie DoughAs I lay awake 3 am on a Thursday night, I knew I would have to face the music – 50 thick rolls of cookie dough – enough to bake 500 with one stove, one fridge, and two hands.

Why bother to bake 500 cookies you ask? Oh just for fun – but seriously, I was on a mission to send those 500 goodies to the Javits Center for the book expo.

So here is a sneak peak into my fridge where you can view one of the signature recipes for the book I consulted on. It’s due to hit shelves this September and focuses on hidden nutrition for kids. That’s all I can tell you about it for now — but I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you see all the hidden health benefits inside each and every recipe!

So – just what does it take to make 500 chocolate chip cookies you ask? Well, we’re looking at 50 bags of chocolate chips just for starters. The dough was prepared the day before, my assistant and I whipped it together in 3 1/2 hours, without a professional mixer that some chefs in the biz would call a “hobart”. Baking? Well, I started at 4 am the next morning and 5 hours later we were packed and ready to go.

When we got back from the Javits Center, my neighbors thoroughly questioned me about the fragrant smell that started their work day. Though I do enjoy baking, I certainly don’t envy the baker’s schedule, so from now on, I’ll stick to the baker’s dozen!


  1. Lysa with a Y says

    Wow, what a yummy-looking fridge!

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