Hot Drinks To Keep The Chill Off

Hot Drinks To Keep The Chill OffNothing will keep you cozier during the last months of winter as a warm, well-spiced drink. We all know that teas, spices and and dark bitter chocolate carry many health benefits, but they also taste delicious – and drinks are fast, easy and portable even for those with busy work schedules.

Hot Cocoa Five Different Ways

Treating yourself to a warm drink is one of the best ways to warm up when you’ve come in from cold weather and also a chance to address cravings without overdoing it on calories and fat. Today, I was craving something chocolatey, so I thought I’d brew a steamy cup of cocoa. As I watched the milk come to a near boil, and beginning to froth, I thought of things I could add to my plain old cocoa that would make it more flavorful and also add a little boost of nutrition. So I experimented with things that I already had in my fridge and kitchen cabinets to add some pizzazz to my afternoon cocoa break.

Agni Tea

Did you know that the tea many celebrities drink to detox and stay fit is easy to make at home? While I don’t recommend fasting, drinking this tea can certainly curb cravings. When I make mine at home, I substitute agave for the maple syrup. When you feel the onset of a snack attack, it’s always a good idea to reach for a drink, such as soothing tea. Not only will the agni tea help to hydrate and satiate you, but it will also help to keep your waistline in check. Find out how to make Agni tea…

German Spiced Wine

Feuerzangenbowle is a traditional German alcoholic drink, often part of a Christmas or New Year’s Eve tradition. It is an old-time tradition of brewing mulled wine that is later enriched with rum and caramelized sugar. This dark, powerfully sweet punch is easy to drink and can instantly defrost guests arriving at holiday parties or spending time chatting outdoors at a festive Christmas market. Get the recipe …

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