Kaffir Lime

Kaffir LimeKaffir lime has a bumpy, rippled skin that smells like a cross between lemongrass and lime. It gives Thai curries their pungent tang and Tom Yum soup the crowning touch of fragrance that makes this traditional soup so special.

It’s the secret to my spicy lime mayo that I serve with my chipotle orange shrimp and a delight for anyone who appreciates the heat, depth, and tang that chilies bring to the meal.

Ways to Enjoy Kaffir Lime

  • Mix kaffir lime rind and juice with chopped ginger and soy sauce. Top on fresh salmon and bake
  • Peel the rind of a kaffir lime and add it to your tea for a lime-alicious brew
  • Add fresh kaffir juice to any coconut based soup or curry
  • Mix kaffir lime juice with Sriracha chili sauce for the ideal shrimp marinade

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