Lean Cut Of Beef

peppercorn coated filetI want steak, I screamed loudly, banging my knife and fork on the table. I was only three and we were seated at an upscale seafood restaurant when my Dad told me that there was no steak on the menu.

It’s one of my his favorite stories to tell, you know how parents like to embarrass their grown-up kids – and he tells it every year! I still crave my beef though – from a beautiful hunk of filet mignon to tender beef stew. But how can you be a healthy eater and still include beef in your diet?

Beef can be trouble for your heart since it’s high in saturated fat, but that doesn’t mean that you have to take it off the menu completely. Everyone knows that you should enjoy it in moderation by picking the right cut of beef, which can really lower the amount of saturated fat that will end up in your meal. Health experts say to stay under 20 grams of saturated fat daily, so here are some cuts of beef that are lower in saturated fat that you can enjoy cooking.

For a quarter pound

Center cut filet mignon, total fat 8 g, 3 g saturated
90% lean ground beef, total fat 6.5 g, 2.5 g saturated
Flank steak, total fat 6 g, 2.5 g saturated
Stew Beef total fat 6 grams, 2.5 g saturated

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