Making Delicious Pan Sauce

Ever wonder how they make that flavorful sauce that is poured over your steak in a restaurant? It’s easier than you think! You can turn a basic steak into an impressive dinner, with a simple pan sauce.

Once you’ve seared the steak and transferred it into the oven to keep it warm, you can use the leftover brown bits in the pan to make a luscious, delicious pan sauce. In my brandnew video below, I teach you the simple step by step technique in just 60 seconds!


  1. Butter is added twice in this recipe, which I’m sure makes this delicious. However, considering this recipe is from the ‘Skinny Chef’, I question how this is actually something those of us trying to lose weight would actually want to make.

    • Thanks for your note Deb,

      Butter is one of those things that is really misunderstood in diet circles, you can read my post about butter to learn more. In terms of weight loss, calories matter. So including some red meat with a sauce plus veggies – really depend on what you are eating throughout the day and if they fit into your calorie per day plan. It also depends on what your current health needs are and what your doctor has told you.

      Butter gets a bad rap in health world because it is high in saturated fat which can be a problem for those who have health issues such as cholesterol and heart disease, but if you have a clean bill of health you can have a little butter in moderation. That being said, butter has less fat and calories per tablespoon compared to olive oil -butter has 11 grams of fat 100 calories per tablespoon and olive oil has 14 grams of fat and 120 calories. In general, I do caution people to use small amounts of butter like I do here, about one teaspoon of butter per person, the the sauce I made serves 4 people.

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