Mini-fy Your Favorite Desserts

Banana Cream Pie RecipeLast week, I co-hosted a barbeque at my friend Steve’s house, who happens to live just around the corner. It was a treat to cook in his killer kitchen, and grill on his well appointed patio with two separate grills and a well manicured garden that is the envy of our neighbors and my French bulldog Chester (who darted around the flower patches).

I wanted to make something special for dessert that I wouldn’t have to cut or serve, something that people could eat with their fingers, something other than cookies or brownies. My cookbook Secrets of a Skinny Chef happened to be open to the banana cream pie recipe, one of my favorites – but I needed to make it bite sized.

Everyone loves miniature version of things – even in the land of super-size where bigger seems better. There is something irresistible about the mini version of something like this banana cream pie for example, no fork needed.

It’s fun to “mini-fy” your favorite desserts. Read my latest post on AOL for some easy ways to switch up the recipe with ingredients that you can find in your local grocery store, and don’t forget to check out my banana cream pie recipe

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  1. Steven Fahmie says

    Your mini Banana Cream Pies were out of this world delicious. My favorite. Of course the corn w/ chipolte mayo, tomato & watermelon salad, grilled veggies w/ peanut sauce – all your food – was awesome! Thanks for bringing great food and fun friends, and for your kind words about my home!! Mi casa es tu casa.

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