National Kale Day!

kale-at-shelterSome of you may know that I have co-founded a campaign to create a national holiday for kale. Over the last half year, we’ve pulled together a dedicated team to celebrate kale’s incredible health benefits, highlight kale’s culinary versatility, and promote eating, growing and sharing kale throughout America.

But it doesn’t stop there. The idea is to get Americans eat more plant-based foods and change the type of foods that are being served in hospitals, schools, and corporate cafeterias. “Kale is not only a superfood, it is a powerful magnet for bringing people and organizations together to embrace healthier lifestyles,” according to my co-founder, Dr. Drew Ramsey.

nkd-facebook-coverSo to celebrate the inaugural National Kale Day today Wednesday, October 2, we are live-streaming interviews with top chefs, health and wellness experts, kale farmers, and kale legends.

National Kale Day ON AIR Google Hangouts will take you into the schools, farms, hospitals, and restaurants taking a bow to the queen of greens. I would love for you to check out our website, and join us for any of the four sessions throughout the day.

You can watch the online events right from your computer, click here to review the program and join us online. Plus, if you miss any segments, you can watch the replay later in the day and please make sure to stop in at to sign our petition to make it officially National Kale Day.

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