Jen's Favorites

Posts in this section feature some of Jen's favorites - from blogs to books to kitchen equipment. Note that the blog section hasn't been updated in quite a while.... stay tuned for updates in a few weeks!

On Food and Cooking

This book by Harold McGee is a must-have for anyone who is interested in the science, history, and lore of food. Harold presents us with the ultimate reference book that is beautifully written and fun to read! Harold presents us with the ultimate reference book that is beautifully written and fun to read! He covers everything from the evolution of beer to how to on mixing a proper vinaigrette.

How to Shop the Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Markets are the best way to getting the most delicious, seasonal produce while supporting local farmers and helping the environment.

Eating for a Nickel Allergy

A reader recently wrote in that her daughter has a nickel allergy, asking for meals ideas. Unfortunately, many of the healthy foods we know and love contain nickel.

Some Like it Really Hot: Habanero

Are you a bona fide chili freak like me? Then habaneros surely rank high on your list of favorite foods. Check out this post to learn how to pick, chop and enjoy habaneros.

Masala Farm

I recently attended an event my friend and accomplished chef Suvir Saran shared his delectable recipes along with his views on health. Like me, Suvir grew up with his grandma’s home-cooking and I think he’d agree that when it comes to healthy delicious food, cooking from scratch is best as you’ll see in his new book “Masala Farm”.

Healthy Holiday Basket

Looking for great gifts to give the healthy eater in your life? Look no further, here are easy and totally tasty ways to outfit the gift basket they can enjoy well into the New Year.


Most yoga students who have been practicing yoga for more than five years begin to realize that learning about yoga and the science of how it strengthens the body really never ends – that’s the fun of it!

Yoga Music

Music lifts the spirits and fills your surroundings with a positive vibe – and is another great way to help you relax or have a yoga practice. Here are my favorites, also available as an iMix from the iTunes store.