Skinny Chef Meets Betty Crocker?

Ever wonder what baking at the Betty Crocker test kitchens is like? Find out by watching the new web series called 350 Degrees!

I’ll be your host judge along with the talented Chef David Fhima and the glorious Kitchen Diva to judge contestants – home cooks just like you – to find out who can take the heat! The most creative baker will fight their way to the finish for the grand prize.

Show JudgesEach new episode has a challenge with an unusual and unforeseen twist. Contestants must rely on their creativity, adaptability and overall prowess in the kitchen to develop dishes that will impress the judges.

350 Degrees is heating up, are you ready? Watch new episodes each week and every time a new episode is released, you can enter the contest for a chance to win.

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    This is so awesome!

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