January 2008 Newsletter: Fight the Holiday Bulge,Eat Fit for the New Year

Grapefruit BelliniIt’s hard to resist the temptation of holiday treats. There’s no ignoring holiday favorites, from rich roasted meats, to buttery baked goods and of course those sweet drinks like spiced rum wine and eggnog that are loaded with extra calories, sugar, and fat.

What’s the best way to fight the holiday bulge? Start cooking! Try my bulge busting soup that’s a balanced meal in a bowl. This soup is a great way to cut back because it’s low in calories but fills you up, with low-fat protein, plenty of veggies, and light on the pasta.

Happy and Healthy New Year

Grapefruit is one of my favorite superfoods since it’s loaded with antioxidants like vitamin C. I created this tangy, sweet champagne cocktail, my grapefruit bellini, to start the night out right. Find out more about the health benefits of grapefruit.

Healthy Cooking on Yoga Life – Light Christmas Cookies

Low-Fat FudgeWhile you’re trimming the tree, trim a little off traditional Christmas cookies and make your own! Try my five new cookie recipes like Chocolate Macaroons, on iyogalife.com, that are still sweet for Santa, but cut the sugar and fat in half.

Want to find more ways to stay fit this winter? Yogalife has plenty of free resources including instructional videos on yoga, tips on weight loss, and of course plenty of Skinny Chef’s recipes for light and luscious family meals.

Eating for Beauty :: January 2008 In Style Magazine

In StyleDo you know that eating can make you beautiful? That’s right, making healthy food choices and cooking with superfoods like grapefruit, can give you a gorgeous glow! Thirst quenching grapefruit provides you with plenty of vitamin C that can help maintain collagen production for healthy, youthful looking skin. Read my article in the January 2008 In Style Magazine.

Why wait for New Year’s? Make your resolution now! If losing weight is your number one priority, making one to two small changes to your daily food choices can make all the difference in the world. Melt off pounds with a pencil, that’s write. Keep a simple log of the items that you eat everyday, without calculating calories, fat and sugar. See a pattern? Try substituting a heavy hitter from the list with the same size portion of something healthier – so for culprits like ice cream or bag of chips try the same size portion of frozen yogurt or soy chips. You could literally trim off pounds over a month or two. Get more tips to trim down.

Christmas Cookies from Granny’s Kitchen

In Granny’s Kitchen is where it all started! Ever have a mishap in the kitchen? In my new podcasting series, In Granny’s Kitchen, Granny and I share our easy techniques and tips to rescue meals before they get to the dinner table. Find out how to keep sour cream from curdling and how to fix a salty soup.


Happy & Healthy Cooking in the New Year,
— Jennifer

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