Blueberry Snow Cone

Blueberry Snow Cone RecipeFood is becoming fashion, with all its trends, styles, and what’s hot and what’s not. The year of the “whoppie pie” is coming to a close and now it seems that “gourmet” snow cones are the latest in cool.

My adult memories of snow cones are less glamorous, but as a kid I’m sure that I felt like the ice queen with my Snoopy snow cone maker. I was surprised to see that they still produce it, an ice shaver in the shape of a dog house that comes with the syrup dispenser shaped like a hat resting on Snoopy’s head. You shave the ice by hand with the crank in the dog house roof and then pour on neon-bright colored syrups to color the ice with super sweet syrup.

The healthier home-made version that I made today is still just as sweet and you can still use your old childhood maker to grind it up for Snoopy’s approval. Only it’s world’s above a store-bought snow cone:

Get my Concord Grape Blueberry Snow Cone recipe.


  1. Elliott Olson says

    Your link doesn’t go directly to your recipe, it goes to one of five PAGES of recipes.

    • Hi Elliott,

      Thanks for your note, the issue is with “kitchen daily’s” website that is run by AOL, and I don’t have admin rights on that one since it’s not my site though I used to write for them. Sorry for the trouble! Feel free to contact them:

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