Hungarian Nut Roll

Hungarian Nut RollHungarian nutroll is one of my family’s most treasured recipes – but this version has slightly less fat since it’s made with skim milk . Don’t worry about the high quantities of butter or nuts in this recipe, since it make 4 large rolls, enough to share with family, neighbors, and friends.

Fresh yeast is usually found in the dairy section, but you can substitute with 2 (.04 ounce) packets of dry yeast.

Makes 4 loaves


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  1. Thank you so much for this recipe! My grandma makes this, and it is so great! I think I could attempt it to share with my family…my husband liked the csirke paprikas I made!!

  2. Hey there!

    For the ground walnuts, do you buy regular walnuts and ground them up? Or can you buy them already ground?

    Thank you! This looks amazing!

  3. Hi Mandy!

    Thanks, I just love this recipe, reminds me so much of home. Sure you can just buy a pound of walnuts and grind them in a food processor.

  4. My mom makes this every Christmas and it’s absolutely delicious! I made it myself this year and nobody could tell the difference.

    But I have a question: our family has always called this recipe Kolache (ko-law-chee). I searched online and found a different recipe where small balls of dough are baked, then a filling is added on top. Have we been wrong all of these years? Have we been making a Hungarian Nut Roll, not Kolache?!

    Perplexed, Andrea

  5. Hey Andrea!

    Nut roll is a popular dessert that can be found in almost every Eastern European country. Kolache is a very similar recipe, only the shape of the “cakes” as it translate is different.

    Unfortunately, no one in my family still speaks Hungarian so I’m not sure of the original name for my version. Perhaps I should go to Hungry some day to find out!!

  6. Richard Savich says:

    Could anyone provide additional information on how to change the pastry recipe for high altitude. We live in Denver at 5,860 ft. I have never seen any information on how to modify the recipe for this altitude.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  7. where does one buy fresh (compressed) yeast in Denver?
    What is the conversion to dry–my recipe calls for one tablespoon of compresed yeast?

  8. Elizabeth Stephens says:

    What is the ratio for dry yeast? I’m in Lawrenceville, GA (Atlanta) and have never seen cake yeast here. Also, Could I use whole eggs in the dough and filling? If so how many? Would it be best to use only yolks in the dough? How many whole eggs in the filling? I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. I had my mother-in-law’s recipe for the nut roll and have lost it, so any help you can give me is truly appreciated.



  9. After rolling and filling the dough, should the rolls not be left to rise before baking?

  10. My mother used to make Hungarian cookies with a similar nut filling. She sometimes filled the cookies with apricot or lekvar and sprinkled powdered sugar over them. Unfortunately, I don’t have the cookie dough recipe and don’t know what they were called. They were little squares filled with the filling and two opposite corners were pinched together. Does anyone have that recipe.

  11. WOW What a recipe! My husband could not believe how close this bread came to tasting like his Hungarian grandmother’s. He said his grandmother always left one end of the loaf open & then the top did not split. I intend to try it next time to avoid the bursting at the seam situation.

  12. Charlotte I have the recipe from those cookies, our family makes them every year. I would be happy to share with you!

  13. Valerie Engelbrecht says:

    I made mine this year by doing it in the dough program of my bread machine. It cut the time dramatically!

  14. Adrianna says:

    This recipe is AMAZING. It makes a ton but that’s ok, it’s delicious. I subsituted one of the sticks of butter with cream cheese which gave it a bit of tang. Otherwise, I folled the recipe to a T and it tasted and even looked great, with nice rolls of nuts like your picture. I will be making again for sure! thank you!

  15. Craig Davis says:

    Is it ok to use both oven racks when baking the nutroll?

  16. Can you freeze these

  17. You forgot about lemon zest in the dough!

  18. Faye Achey says:

    When I mixed the nuts, egg white, and sugar. I made to much. How long can I keep this mixed in the refrigerator or the freezer. Help.

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