Red Banana Coffee Shake

Red Banana Coffee ShakeWhen these red bananas first caught my eye yesterday, I thought they were purple. Purple bananas? Well, there are purple beans, purple tomatoes, purple cauliflower – so why not purple bananas?

Sounds like something out of an “Alice in Wonderland” garden, but I assure you that they’re real and they’re actually called “red” bananas. In fact, you might find an array of deep red and violet foods if you were to stroll through some people’s gardens – surely Alice Waters or Dan Barber might have fruits and vegetables from the darker spectrum of the rainbow.

These little guys, also called Musa Dwarf Red bananas, come from Costa Rica, and I found them strolling through my local grocery store. They are sweet and creamy, as bananas should be, but have a slightly sweeter flavor. I’ve been in the mood for ice cream all week and banana is a natural pick for making a frothy, rich-tasting milkshake base.

Contrary to the widespread health myth, bananas are not fattening; they are just high in starch. One medium banana is about 100 calories, has 3 grams of fiber and can give you the vital potassium that you need for hydration and balancing the water levels in your body. Have this shake as a healthy afternoon snack. Coffee and banana make a dreamy, creamy mix that will also pick you up and satisfy your sweet tooth.

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