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How To Get Kids to Eat Healthy Food They Hate

When it comes to eating healthy whole foods, take vegetables for example, I believe that the recipe or the preparation make all the difference in the world. This is especially true when you’re introducing a new food to your kids or trying to get an adult excited about an ingredients that has a lot of health benefits. Here are my 10 top recipes to getting kids to eat the foods they typically hate, that will also work with picky adults!

Shopping, Cooking & Eating Healthier

Maintaining a healthy weight, or getting to that healthy weight, is not about dieting. It’s about celebrating food, about eating the foods that you already love but making them a little (or a lot) healthier, based on how you shop, cook and eat now.

Do You Know What’s In Your Food?

Are processed foods to blame for the sharp rise in obesity? This is a question I’ve encountered from many of my readers, so I thought I’d start out by shedding light on what additives are commonly found in processed foods, before discussing the link between fast food and obesity.

What is an Antioxidant?

In my recent research on antioxidants – foods that keep your body’s cells from aging – I was not surprised to find that berries rank very high in antioxidants. But, what is oxidation?


Apart from the Middle East, the pomegranate is also native to Northern India, and is now grown in California and Arizona. You can also find them at local delis and fruit stands, chilly grocery store produce isles, and in the kitchens of America’s top chefs. But what about the health benefits? Were the ancient sages right?

What is Gluten Free?

So, what do suffers of Celiac Disease eat? They learn to live a gluten-free lifestyle and become gluten sleuths, reading all labels, as gluten can hide in any number of places.

What Supplements Should I Take?

The FDA issued new safety rules for vitamins in 2007. But what about other supplements besides multivitamins? I’ve read and heard quite a bit about all sorts of ‘natural’ alternative remedies, so I want to talk about those today.

10 Commandments of Eating Better

During my last webinar, I had an interesting question – and it started me thinking about the ‘Do’s and Don’ts for healthy eating and revamping bad eating habits. So here are some no-nonsense commandments that should stick with any truly healthy eater…