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eHow: Healthy, Hassle-Free Food

As part of a recent interview for eHow, writer Marie Horrigan asked me about easy ways to cook healthy – the article, 5 Tips for Healthy, Hassle-Free Food, is now live. Horrigan asked several nutrition experts about their best (and easiest) lessons for getting in the habit of cooking healthy and eating right. On making healthy diet changes: ‘There are easy ways you can do it even before you start cooking.’

Luscious Leftovers

‘I don’t know what to have for dinner’ I hear all the time, but cooking at home doesn’t mean that you have to make everything completely from scratch. Tossing out food is of course wasteful, but it’s also a missed opportunity to have a fast mess-free meal that you can put together in minutes.

LifestyleMom Radio Cafe

A few weeks ago, I was host Dana Hilmer’s guest on ‘LifestyleMom Radio Café’, an Internet radio show aired through LA Talk Radio. In my 35-minute segment, we chatted about ‘Cooking for Bikini Season’ and other tips how to make delicious foods while slimming down your waistline.

August 2010 Newsletter

Most people are disappointed when they think of the end of summer, but I’m getting excited – because that’s when you get the most bountiful harvest of fresh fruits and vegetables from farmstands and homegrown gardens. Check out the latest posts from last month focusing on delicious recipes and other luscious seasonal foods.

Frozen Lemon Pudding

I have been on a Mad Men kick ever since I randomly caught one of the episodes on AMC. The dashing Don Draper with his dark secrets, immaculate suits, and gritty manners that he smoothes over with well-placed words inspired me to create a dish in his honor.

Blueberry Snow Cone

Food is becoming fashion, with all its trends, styles, and what’s hot and what’s not. The year of the ‘whoppie pie’ is coming to a close and now it seems that ‘gourmet’ snow cones are the latest in cool.

The Fat Duck Cookbook

In my mind, innovative chefs and organic chemists are cut from the same cloth. Both chefs and scientists are driven by the same sort of questions that keep them up at night, problems of texture, shape, size, and scale – all complex variables to bring something spectacular together in the process of synthesis. Their greatest fears rest in contamination, their greatest joy in an ideal product for human consumption.

Skinny Chef on The View

Skinny Chef Jennifer Iserloh made a quick appearance on THE VIEW on Wednesday, August 4. Watch the clip right here…