Cheap Summer Eats

cheap summer eatsSummer just so happens to be the perfect time to save money in the kitchen and save on calories. Why? Because nature’s bounty is plentiful, cheaper because it’s in season and naturally healthy.

When it’s hot outside, there’s no need for fussy, elaborate, caloric meals. Farmer’s markets are the perfect place to stock up on summer produce at a discount. Most farmer’s stands are better quality than supermarkets and less expensive since they don’t have the same overhead as big chain stores. Not only will the food taste better and keep your wallet in check, but you’ll also be helping the environment by shopping locally. Three great reasons to visit your local farmer’s market today.

Summer produce is so flavorful in its own right, there’s really no need to make meals with a gazillion ingredients… it’s best to keep it simple! Slice some tomatoes, drizzle with a little olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt and you favorite vinegar, my picks are balsamic and sherry vinegar. And voila, you have the perfect tomato salad. Want to make it dinner party chic? Just add fresh sliced of mozzarella and handful of chopped herbs.

Found the perfect fish filet or piece of meat? No need for heavy sauces, try marinading instead! Want to stretch your protein even further? Cube it and thread it on skewars to make kebabs. Everyone likes a kebab on the grill, even the kids. Alternate with vegetables and you have a meal on a stick! Sounds like summer to me!

Don’t even want to bother with firing up the grill? There is no better excuse than the hot, steamy weather to take a break from a hot kitchen. Cold salads in the dead of winter wouldn’t pass as a meal, but summer salads are staples and refreshing. Fresh lettuce and veggies, canned tuna or beans, sliced fruits and some nuts… the options are endless! Use your imagination and enjoy without sabotaging your bikini body.

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