Bacon’s Bad Rap?

Bacon by D.arwin BellBacon is a delicious treat, no doubt. It adds a lot of flavor to everything from your favorite breakfast to gourmet chocolates, and is a perfect match for refried beans.

In my latest post on AOL Food, I shared the best way to cook bacon – which sparked a lively discussion about other ways to cook bacon. Check it out, if you have a minute!

Enjoying regular bacon once in a while is OK if you have a clean bill of health. I always tell people to check in with their doctor or a nutritionist. Consulting a nutritionist can be a real eye-opener, but can also help you understand exactly how much saturated fat overall you’re consuming and how to make healthier changes if you need to.

Just ask WebMD’s Elaine Magee, MPH, RD – she recently fielded a column entitled “Can Bacon Be Part of a Healthy Diet?” It’s an extensive look at all the issues involved, well worth reading.

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