Cooking with Lavender

Cooking with LavenderMy mother-in-law has huge pots of blossoming lavender that line her long terrasse. Lavender has a refreshing clean smell that is unmistakeable, which has made it a scent in the forefront of the perfume industry. But lavender isn’t just for soap and shampoo, I use it to flavor summer dishes!

Pairing Lavender

Lavender pairs well with a lot of other foods that you might be more familiar with such as pork, lamb, lemon, olives, vanilla, honey, pistachio, pears, ginger and rosemary.

If you are experimenting with it for the first time, try using the leaves and buds sparingly since it can be an overpowering strong herb. Start with 1/2 teaspoon and taste as you go.

Lavender is also refreshing in mixed drinks and cocktails, like my favorite martini they served at Employees Only. Place a few sprigs of lavender into a bottle of gin and store in the freezer until you’re ready to make your own.

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  1. Christina says

    Interesting post! I have only eaten lavender once in an expensive restaurant in Switzerland. It was a lavender sauce that was served with a nice steak. Unfortunately, it tasted absolutely horrible. In fact, it was one of the few dishes in my life that were inedible. It tastes really bitter any idea why that could have been? Was it the lavender?

    • Too bad! I wouldn’t pair lavender with red meat but perhaps they also used too much. It is pungent and is best with white meats like pork and chicken.

  2. First time I ate lavender was in a little tea room in my home town. Lavender scones! Those scones became my favorite fast. Now if only I could just find that recipe…

  3. I never knew you could use lavender has a herb, I love the smell of lavender, the next time I make a pork roast I am going use some lavender on it to see if I like it thanks for the post.

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