Gluten-free Recipe Round-up

Many of my blog posts are inspired by readers who write in with questions, like this one: “I need to make meals gluten-free for my son. Do you know how I could do that with your Mac’n cheese with shredded chicken and cauliflower recipe?”

So this post will give you the skinny on making your pasta recipes gluten-free and also provide a recipe round-up of a few meals that are naturally gluten-free.

Best G-free Pastas

Pasta-joyThis brown rice pasta — my fave of all the g-free pastas — is made by Tinkyada and has a wonderfully chewy texture that doesn’t become mushy when cooked. It’s also my #1 pick for kids since the color and texture is so close to standard wheat or semolina pastas.

Bionaturae Potato Pasta also has a great texture and looks like the real deal.

Ancient Harvest quinoa pasta is also a great option and it’s made from a highly nutritious grain. Cooking tip: cook 1 minute less than the package instructions indicate to prevent sogginess.

Once you’ve stocked your pantry with your favorite gluten-free pastas, try this rich tasting (yet much lower in fat) bolognese, or this unique BLT pasta, or this balsamic pasta with tomatoes and fresh basil. Or try this light and creamy fettuccine.

gluten-free-lasagnagluten-free Lasagna tastes just as good as the traditional recipe, and this version is vitamin packed since it’s made with two of my favorite superfoods, kale and mushrooms.

Gluten-free Recipe Roundup

Don’t have access to great gluten-free pastas? Try this pasta-free eggplant manicotti or some of these other delicious options that the whole family can enjoy — whether or not you need to avoid gluten.

Guacamole is a rich, creamy, tasty dip that’s high in fiber along with other nutrients. All fruits and veggies in their unprocessed state are naturally gluten-free, so all you need to do it add the gluten-free corn chips, and dip away.

A warm bowl of chili hits the spot and makes a filling meal that also reheats well at school or at the office. Just be sure to find a gluten-free brand of broth (or make your own), since store-bought broths can have several hidden sources of gluten in their ingredient list.

Fall and Winter are the perfect time for soup. This Hearty Vegetable Ham Soup is high in protein and low in fat, this chunky soup will help you to feel full with plenty of healthy veggies.

taco-seasoningTacos are another gluten-free great! If you’re using taco seasoning be certain it’s gfree or make your own taco seasoning from scratch.

Beans are a best kept secret when it comes to anti-oxidant load as well, and this limey black bean is rich tasting and creamy.

Baked apples are a homey warming dessert are also safe for gluten sensitivities. If you enjoy the basic recipes, get the crockpot baked apple recipe booklet.

These chilly blueberry spinach pops have a sweet taste of blueberries along with all the nutrition of spinach, an uber superfood.

It might sounds unusual but chocolate and avocado make a delectable shake. Enjoy a creamy, rich shake while getting a serving of fiber rich avocado boot.

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