How to Stop Overeating

How to stop overeatingI used to be a chronic overeater, and it was tough to put the fork down when faced with a large portion of deliciously home cooked food every night at dinner.

1. Serve Yourself

Serve yourself. Once I figured out that I was eating portions that were too large, I stopped allowing my family members and even friends to fill up my plate. I was always taught to clean my plate, but your plate size should depend on your size and activity level. If you’re not sure what the right portion is, visit to see what they suggest to maintain a healthy weight and be a more energetic you.

2. Once You Know Your Portion Size

Once you’ve figured out what the right portion is, eat everything on your plate, providing you’re still hungry, before going for seconds. Try choosing plates and bowls that are smaller, or closer to your correct portion size.

3. Add Spice

Add spice such as hot sauce, or powdered ground chilies. Studies show that chilies have plenty of health benefits and their mouth-tingling help you to feel full faster.

4. Slow and steady wins the race

Slow and steady wins the race. Eating quickly can trump your stomach sensors that are responsible for telling your brain you’re full. Pull your fork down in between bites, drum up some dinner conversation. Lastly, give yourself at least a five-minute rest before taking seconds, most likely you’ll find that you’re already full by the time you get up for a second helping.

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