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LifestyleMom Radio Cafe InterviewA few weeks ago, I was host Dana Hilmer’s guest on LifestyleMom Radio Cafe, an Internet radio show aired through LA Talk Radio. In my 35-minute segment, we chatted about Cooking for Bikini Season and other tips how to make delicious foods while slimming down your waistline.

LifestyleMome Radio Interview

About LifestyleMom Radio Cafe

If you’d like to create and live a healthier, simpler and more passionate life while raising a family then this is the show for you! The LifestyleMom Radio Cafe is an internet radio talk show for women who crave information, inspiration and lively girlfriend-to-girlfriend conversation about the topics that matter to them most. Host Dana Hilmer serves up a delicious blend of entertaining and thought-provoking banter with some of today’s most inspiring women. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a fresh cup and enjoy!

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