Healthy Eating Tips: Grilling Refresh

As many of you know, I am always on the lookout for new ways to prepare delicious American Classics – all while reducing fat and excess calories, but without skimping on flavor!

You’ve probably seen my previous videos with refreshers on how to make over your fridge, how to make over your pantry and how to make over your freezer.

With the grilling season around the corner, I think everyone should take a quick refresher on outdoor eating and grilling tips, so that the BBQ season doesn’t derail your healthy eating habits!

In my latest feature on AOL Food, I share smart grilling tips that make your summer cookout healthier and tastier.

After showing how to make a great summer drink with fruit juice and seltzer, I went through healthier swaps for grilling. Just click on the video above to watch!


  1. Help? Skinny Chef on what tv show/what channel/when? PLS. Or only on AOL?

    • Hey Shana!

      I’m mostly on the web but sometimes you can catch me on morning shows. We keep everyone posted on the main page of the site.

      Thanks so much for watching 🙂

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