September 2008 Newsletter

Summer is coming to a close soon and kids will be back in school. It’ll be back to the old work routine. Maintaining a healthy eating routine is the best way to retain your summer bathing suit bod. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and add superfoods to your fridge to cook all your favorite fall and winter dishes the more nutritional way.

Cooking With Superfoods

Jennifer on Better TV, discussing Super Foods

Do you know that eating can actually make you slimmer? In a TV segment broadcasted on Better TV, I’ll show you how to put a spin on low-fat, low calories cooking that has more nutrition that your typical “diet food”. How? I cook with superfoods. Not only can they satisfy your everyday cravings but superfoods are special since they are low in fat and calories and happen to be higher in vitamins and other nutrients than other foods. I’m sure that you’ll recognize many of them in your local supermarket – like grapefruit, yogurt, spinach and whole grains.

Watch my wide-ranging discussion with Better TV‘s Audra Lowe and get my six recipes for popsicles, cupcakes and salsa!

350F – One Hot Cooking Show

Jennifer on 350F - One Hot Cooking Show

The first set of episodes from the new web series 350F – One Hot Cooking Show aired over the past three weeks on General Mill’s – and I am sure you’ve enjoyed the mayhem and cooking challenges that my fellow judges and I were asked to supervise.

Looking back, I realize how versatile and fun experimental baking can be: even home cooks who don’t have the background of a recipe writer or professional chef can be extremely creative with baked goods that taste great while baking under pressure. Just imagine what an inexperienced baker can make with a good recipe and a few ingredients!

Other News and Updates

  • What is Ayurveda?Ayurveda, a 5000-year-old medical system created by the wise men of ancient India, isn’t just about mixing herbs – in fact, it gives detailed instructions on how to treat the body, improve the mind, and find balance in our changing environment. In a recent post on Chew On This, I shared how the ancient teachings are still applicable today, and how you can integrate them into your life.
  • US Open Finals + Pre-Tournament Tasting Tour – Catch the US Open Women’s Singles Finals Tennis tournament from upper stadium seating. En route, enjoy a custom, private tasting and walking tour of Sunnyside, Queens, one of New York City’s most polyglot neighborhoods. Clodine Mallinckrodt of Go. Do. Grow will take you to sample Peruvian, Colombian, Romanian, Lebanese, Turkish, Irish and other specialties before arriving to explore the grounds and watch the exciting match. This is a wonderful and the only Queens outing of its kind. Learn more …
  • Kids Follow Parents’ Lead on Fruits and Vegetables – Parents who want their preschoolers to eat their fruits and vegetables should probably practice what they preach, a new study suggests. In a study of more than 1,300 families, researchers found that when parents boosted their own consumption of fruits and vegetables, so did their young children. The findings, reported in the journal Preventive Medicine, point to the importance of parents “modeling” a healthy diet for their preschoolers. They also suggest that educating parents on nutrition early on could help address the problem of childhood obesity, the researchers say.
  • Confusion from Food Allergy Warnings – It’s one of the biggest frustrations of life with food allergies: That hodgepodge of warnings that a food might accidentally contain the wrong ingredient. The warnings are voluntary – meaning there’s no way to know if foods that don’t bear them really should. And they’re vague: Is “may contain traces of peanuts” more reliable than “made in the same factory as peanuts?” Now health officials in the U.S. and Canada are debating setting standards, amid increasing concern that consumers are so confused they’re starting to ignore the warnings.
  • Fruit, Veggies Lower Men’s Cancer Risk – Men who eat more fruit and vegetables have less risk of developing a type of cancer of the esophagus, a study by a Japanese medical team said. The study concluded that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables would lower the risk of developing this type of cancer to nearly one-third, even among men who smoke and drink.
  • Half of Overweight Adults May Be Heart-Healthy – You can look great in a swimsuit and still be a heart attack waiting to happen. And you can also be overweight and otherwise healthy. A new study suggests that a surprising number of overweight people – about half – have normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while an equally startling number of trim people suffer from some of the ills associated with obesity.

Happy & Healthy Cooking,
— Jennifer

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