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The Magic Trick For Weight Loss Success

Looking for that one magic trick for weight loss success? As a certified health coach and passionate chef, you can probably guess my prescription…

5 Common Cooking Mistakes That Add The Weight

Just when you think you’re doing something healthy like cooking at home, you might be surprised about common mistakes that could be adding inches to your waistline.

Superfood Staples Grocery List

Superfoods not only give you superior nutrition but they are also great-tasting staples that you can turn into delicious, fast meals. Follow this super shopping guide to stock up on the top foods and learn just a bit about why they are must haves in your kitchen.

Is Everything You Know About Weight Loss Foods Wrong?

I’m sure you’ve seen the “one food to lose belly fat” but there are substantial studies that show that eating certain foods definitely affects satiety and how hungry you are throughout the day.

10 Easy Ways to Celebrate Christmas

If you’re Santa’s little helper — in charge of cooking, shopping, and organizing the festivities every year — Christmas can feel like humbug. So here are 10 easy ways to make the season a lot simpler and usher in the good cheer!

Getting Your Child to Love Whole Grains

Parents want their kids to eat healthy – and as a professional recipe developer I’ve developed a sizeable arsenal of tricks to get kids to love any food — even whole grains!

7 Top Foods For Your Kid

Getting kids to eat right can be a challenge, especially when families are running on a tight schedule! So here are seven foods that do double time — kids love them and they are super healthy!

If Elvis Knew About Probiotics

The sad truth is — Elvis’ death was brought on by horrible diet, along with other bad habits. We know for a fact that the “King” didn’t sip fruit yogurt smoothies or munch on high fiber salads, but if he would have been good to his gut would it have saved his life?