GuacamoleWhenever I invite guests over during the summer, I serve plenty of guacamole – it’s just so popular!

Many friends have told me that their guacamole is not nearly as tasty and I think I know what the trouble is: Make sure that your avocados are completely ripe before cutting them open.

Press the skin of the avocado – it should give slightly, the same way when you squeeze an orange. I buy mine 2-3 days before my party and store them on the windowsill. If your guacamole tastes bland it might need more lime juice and salt, taste as you mix.

Watch my video on Prevention Magazine on how to make Guacamole »

Serves 6, makes about 5 cups



  1. Hi, Jenn… Except for the cilantro, this is exactly how I’ve always made guac. I just can’t tolerate that stuff, so I use Italian parsley chopped fine. Thanks for the ideas for Papa’s Day!

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