Secrets for a Perfect Thanksgiving

Cooking for the big day can be such a stress for most people… but with a little planing and how-to knowledge, you’ll see that it’s fun and satisfying!

Wacky Winter Smoothies

Smoothies are the easiest breakfast around and a fast way to fill you up with the healthiest foods around. They are a chilly treat – but that doesn’t mean they are just for the warm weather months, you can enjoy them well into winter using seasonal and frozen foods to make them more fun and festive.


Did you know that cinnamon comes from the bark of a tree? And could you name the two varieties most prevalent in the United States? – No? Well, it’s time to find out! Learn about its health benefits and several marvelous uses of cinnamon in your kitchen in this extensive post.

Cooking with Spice

In my opinion, the number one reason to use spices in your food – beyond adding plenty of flavor with no fat or sugar – is that most spices contain compounds that work as powerful anti-inflammatory agents. So escape your comfort zone and try some of the more ‘exotic’ spices!

Sweet Spice O’ Mine

Spices and flavoring are essential to give foods the added complexity that makes for a fantastic tasting experience. In my latest AOL blog post, I share my thoughts on three sweet spices that really kick butt.