Wacky Winter Smoothies

Smoothies are the easiest breakfast around and a fast way to fill you up with the healthiest foods around. They are a chilly treat – but that doesn’t mean they are just for the warm weather months, you can enjoy them well into winter using seasonal and frozen foods to make them more fun and festive.

What are the Chakras?

Chakra, meaning ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit, is a term that yogis use to describe energy points in the body that start at the base of the spine and travel past the crown of the head. Learn more about each of the seven…

A Chance to Start Over

When I was in my yoga class yesterday, our teacher Julie said something that sparked my immediate interest. She quoted the first sentence of the yoga sutras that says ‘And now the teaching of yoga begins’.

How to Wash a Yoga Mat

Sitting in child’s pose, with my nose to my yoga mat, I noticed that it didn’t have that ‘brand new’ smell anymore – it smelled more like a pile of dirty laundry! So here’s my take on how to clean your yoga mat.

Yoga Meals, Power Up Before or After

Some people are morning yogis, while others prefer to unwind after work or even later in the evening. What if the only time you have for yoga falls right after breakfast or so close to dinner time that you might not have time to cook?

The Perfect Body, Is It All in Your Mind?

I was recently reading an article on women’s health that highlighted recent research from San Jose State University – revealing that yoga’s perfect-body secret may actually be all in your head!

How to Become More Flexible

There are plenty of health and exercise myths out there – and whenever someone asks me about yoga, the issue of flexibility always comes up. First off, you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga, but practicing yoga on a regular basis can help you to become more flexible and certainly more centered.

You Can Be A Lion Too

I know it’s ridiculous, but every time I see the youtube video of ‘Christian The Lion’, I still get so teary eyed. I just finished the accompanying book, ‘A Lion Named Christian’, which gives you the background of how two brave young Australians manage to not only raise a very socialable lion, but also reintroduce him into the wilds of Africa.