How to Wash a Yoga Mat

clean yoga matSitting in child’s pose, with my nose to my yoga mat, I noticed that it didn’t have that “brand new” smell anymore – it smelled more like a pile of dirty laundry!

Some yogis suggest popping it into the washing machine, but I find that the sticky texture on the surface is never the same after a trip through the wringer. The mat is more prone to peeling and cracking so try soaking it in dishwashing liquid and water in the tub, squeezing to remove excess liquid and hang it up to dry.

I hang mine out my window like the grandmas do with their carpets here in Hoboken, but you can also drape it over the shower stall or over a shower curtain rod. Since my mat doesn’t have any visible dirt, I just take the easy route. I soak a microfiber rag in dishwasher soup and wipe it down. After hanging it up to dry for about one hour, I am all set to “refresh” my home yoga practice.

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  1. dishwasher liquid is great as you said. I normally find the smell will evaporate simply after a few uses.

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