10 Healthy Summer Habits to Take Back to the Office

Who doesn’t love the summer months, the sun, fresh fruits and veggies, and best of all, time to play and rest? Here are 10 easy tips to help keep that slender summer figure in check going into the fall months.

4 Ways to Eat Better at Work

Step away from the vending machine! We have 4 tips to help you stay healthy during office hours.
As you peer down at your computer screen, you can’t help but notice that the office is relatively empty. You then hear that famous song, and realize that the entire office celebrating someone’s birthday… yet again.

Is Your Job Making You Fat?

Given that many people spend a lot of hours at work, ‘your job certainly could be contributing to weight gain,’ states Cedric Bryant, chief exercise physiologist at the American Council on Exercise. So in this post, I want to share my 7 strategies for preventing unnecessary weight gain at your job…