Archives for February 2010

Learn the ABC’s of Nutrition

Are you positively stumped when it comes to nutrition and how to make sense of it all? Visit my friend’s newly designed site, Alphabites NYC (The ABC’s of Healthy Living for Real People).

Revamp Your Breakfast

Tired of eating the same thing for breakfast? In my latest post on AOL’s Slashfood, I feature two ways to incorporate super foods quinoa and flax into your morning meal, whether you like it hot or cold…

Red Banana Coffee Shake

When these red bananas first caught my eye yesterday, I thought they were purple. Purple bananas? Well, there are purple beans, purple tomatoes, purple cauliflower – so why not purple bananas? That’s what led me to create a ‘Red Banana Coffee Shake’…

Meatloaf Stuffed With Spinach

Meatloaf is one of those blue-plate specials that is still on my list as a comforting, satisfying meal that’s perfect for winter weeknights. I like to shake up the flavor by adding new ingredients, or even stuffing it with something surprising, like gooey mozzarella and fresh baby spinach.

Balsamic Salmon

Like primary colors to a painter, fat, salt and acid are the essential ingredients chefs use to flavor their masterpiece meals. Many home cooks know how to use fat (either oil or butter) and salt of course, but they skip on the acid, things like vinegar for example.

Four Days To Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, four days from now! If you’re still on the search for great recipes for sumptious desserts, then look no further! In this video clip, Jennifer highlights healthy sweets made with fresh beet, along with other dessert ideas…

The Cook’s Garden

Already thinking ahead to planting your garden for spring? Burpee has come out with a tempting new website, the ‘Cook’s Garden’, with heirloom offerings like ‘Patty’s Yellow Striped Beefsteak Tomatoes’ and ‘Yugoslavian Red Lettuce’…

Black Bean Quesadillas

The very first steamy bowl of black beans soup drenched in plenty of fresh lime topped with a dollop of sour cream started a love affair with black beans that has never stopped. There is something about a hearty bowl filled with satisfying creamy beans.