Cures for the Carboholic: Gazpacho with Basil

How do you cure a carboholic? In this segment, which aired on Sunday, March 11, 2007 on New York’s CBS2 Sunday Morning News, Jennifer showcased her recipes for CBS’s Tony Tantillo. In this first segment, she prepared Gazpacho with Basil, while the second segment features Herbed Fish with Cilantro.

Cutting Back on Carbs?

With all the fad diets bashing carbs, its hard to know how to slim down safely. I don’t have a sweet tooth but my greatest challenge is scaling back on the carbs when I’ve gained a few pounds from one too many twirls of the pasta fork!

Check out my recipes that are high-protein, low-fat, creamy and satisifying – they are cures for the carboholic since they satisfy without the addition of bread, pasta, or rice. Why do carbs get a bad rap anyway and what are they? Carbs aren’t really bad, you just have to eat small portions of the right ones! Read more

Recipes Covered in Segment

Browse the following recipes covered in the segment, and be sure to download & print a copy for your files!

  • Gazpacho
    Gazpacho is a chilled tomato based soup that is ideal for a low-carb meal that will fill you up. The almonds make it crunchy and the shrimp add protein to help keep you feeling full.
  • Herbed Fish with Cilantro
    Fish is high on protein, but low in fat. Carboholics usually like creamy sauces with pasta, and my sauce with its thick texture mimics Alfredo without all the calories and fat!

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  • Cucumber Kiwi Gazpacho
    Kiwi is loaded with Vitamin C- that makes it the perfect summer food to help protect your skin and eyes from strong sunrays. Chill it for a refreshing soup you can sip from a travel mug.


  1. Need HELP. I have diverticular disease (cannot eat seeds, nuts, raw veggies – anything hard to digest), GERD, hypothyroidism and I am a carboholic……can Mayo Clinic Diet help me at all???? What should I do??

    • Hi Janet,

      Thanks so much for writing in! First off- did you check with your doctor? That’s always the safe and best bet since I’m not a medical professional. That said diverticulitis occurs when the pouches in the colon become infected or inflamed. Dietary changes can help the colon heal, so healthy eating is a huge part of the healing process according to the medical experts.

      So here’s what I would do first off

      1. If you’re eating processed foods, fast food, or a lot of packaged frozen meals, stop. I have IBS and once I stopped that most of my issues when away.
      2. Get a list of foods that are Do’s and Don’ts from your doctor and start a new recipe folder that contain high amounts of the “Do” foods.
      3. Limit the amount of insoluble fiber (the kind that does not dissolve in water). My Dad suffers from diverticular disease and what’s usually the problem for him is food that contains hard plant fiber- the raw skin of peppers, cucumbers, as well as nuts and seeds. Peel your cukes and apples before enjoying! But keep in mind that people who have digestive issue should be ramping up on the soluble fiber- so look for soluble fiber in cooked foods like oats, broccoli, peas, and beans. Since you love carbs, look for softer pastas made from brown rice, quinoa, and corn, they both cook up fast and are very tender compared to whole wheat pasta and tougher whole grain breads.

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