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Posts in this section cover various media appearances - from TV, radio, print, cookbooks and online appearances. Collaborations with Livestrong turned into two web series, Healthy Cheats (2012) and Food Courting (2011) that garnered close to a million views.

Deceptively Delicious in ‘Vogue’ Magazine

In the September 2007 issue of ‘Vogue’, William Norwich shares his conversation with Jessica Seinfeld about the development and recipes of her new cookbook for parents.

In Granny’s Kitchen #1: Milk

In Granny’s Kitchen is an on-going series of taped conversations that take place at Granny’s kitchen table, in the house where I grew up.

In this episode, we talk about old-fashioned traditions surrounding milk. Granny tells us about a glass milk bottle shaped like a baby, and how milk was delivered to her home when she was just a girl.

Sharpening Knives

Knives, the cornerstone of cooking, are the most important and versatile kitchen tool that we have! Using sharp knives makes cooking fun, because you can work with ease, chop faster, and prepare meals that taste fresher.

Guilt-Free Grilling in Self Magazine

In the July 2007 issue of ‘Self’ Magazine, I am sharing my recipes for warm-weather favorites like pizza and burgers.

Secrets of a Private Chef

In a Q+A article in the summer 2007 issue, I talk about my family’s passion for food and how I managed my weight gain without giving up the thing I love most – cooking!

Nature’s Path in Body+Soul

The May 2007 issue of Body+Soul features a page of the tasty granola parfait I styled and photographed. It jumps out as the perfect breakfast or dessert for Body+Soul readers.

Joy Bauer’s Food Cures

Contributing more than fifty recipes, Jennifer felt fortunate to work closely with Joy on ‘Food Cures’, which unmasks the link between food and health with simple explanations and relatable case studies from Joy’s personal experiences.

Super Beauty Foods

Toss the wrinkle creams, cancel your cosmetic surgery appointment because your mother was right – you are what you eat. In this segment, which aired on NBC’s Today Show, Self magazine’s Jennifer Iserloh shows Campbell Brown fruits and spices that will make you brighter and healthier.