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Skinny Chef Recipes On

As a loyal Skinny Chef fan, you know that I really care about awesome flavors AND health. So just in some of the last posts covering Skinny Chef content on and AOL’s KitchenDaily, this installment has the latest healthy recipes from my work for Enjoy!

Latest Posts + Videos On

Last week, I highlighted my latest recipes featured on AOL’s KitchenDaily – this week, it’s Prevention Magazine’s turn: Check out my healthy ‘Mushroom Turkey Burger’ and my ‘Fish 101’ and ‘Knives 101’ videos.

Healthy AND Delicious Recipe Roundup

As many of you know, I am a regular columnist at both AOL’s KitchenDaily, as well as on Prevention’s website – highlighting ways you can amp up flavor while dialing down calories. Here’s the latest roundup of healthy recipes that posted on KitchenDaily, including ‘French Onion Soup’, ‘Balsamic Chicken’ and ‘Chicken Biscuits’.

Google Discovers How To Lose Weight

Wish you could lose weight without going on a diet? That’s many people’s goal, but Google took it upon themselves to find out how, using their own cafeteria. Find out the secret that Google just discovered…

Curry. The New Disease Fighter?

One of my clients recently asked me about the health benefits of turmeric, a popular Indian spice. I’ve read many new studies about the main compound in tumeric called curcumin, but then I came across this article…

St Patrick's Diet Similar To Today's Health Foods

Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, probably ate fare similar to today’s pricey health foods such as cereal, fish and seaweed, according to a researcher who has studied the country’s 5th century diet.

Diabetes Spreading Like A Virus

The percentage of adult Americans diagnosed with diabetes has risen steadily for the past 20 years, up to 8 percent of the population in 2008. The rise in diabetes is, of course, linked to the rising rates of obesity across America. But what’s truly stunning is just how prevalent the disease has become, and how meteoric the growth rates are.

How Veggies Can Score You A Date

Last week, I was out tango dancing, when I bumped into an old tango friend who is newly single. As he admitted that he’d love to start dating again, I replied, ‘Hey, what are your eating habits like?’ It might sound like an odd question, but here’s why I asked….