Homemade Fried Rice

As a teen, I had a real passion for fried rice and, since I was a vegetarian at the time, I thought that ordering takeout Chinese vegetable fried rice at least twice a week was a fairly healthy choice. Now that I cook at home more frequently and often have leftover rice, I find that making my favorite takeout dish at home is cheap, healthy and delicious.

Cooking 101 for Guys Who Are Used to Eating Out

A lot of my male friends do not cook, but they sure do love some of the really basic home-cooked foods they eat at my dinner table. This post is dedicated to you dear friends, and I’m here to tell ya that there is no need to fear your stove – I’ll provide you with all the basics below to make your own hearty meal.

Classic Guacamole

In one of my latest videos on Prevention Magazine’s website, I explained how to make a quick, spicy guacamole that gets its kick from jalapeno, red onion and plenty of lime juice.

Make Your Own, Healthy Salad Dressings

When I got together with Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Prevention Magazine, we quickly started talking about how to make foods healthier – and preparing your own, delicious salad dressings is one of the easiest ways!

Is This Melon Ripe?

In the latest video with Prevention Magazine’s Liz Vaccariello, I answered the question how to choose a ripe melon at the supermarket. We went through several techniques for honey dew, cantaloupe and watermelons, including my favorite ‘Sniff – Shake – Squeeze’ test.

Beat the Bloat

‘I’d love to wear a dress like that,’ the woman standing next to me said after complimenting me on a wrap dress that has become a fast fashion fix when all the laundry is dirty.

In The Kitchen with Liz

Prevention Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Liz Vaccariello, invited me on her show, ‘In the Kitchen With Liz’ to talk about healthy foods. The first video focuses on a delicious and heart-healthy smoothie!

Healthy Habits Reduce Chances of Dementia

Two studies published in this month’s JAMA add to evidence that long-term lifestyle habits may reduce the risk of mental decline in old age. These studies are observational and not definitive, but they hint at what might reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s or dementia.