Dine and Cook

Last week, I had an invigorating conversation about lifestyle, old world cooking, and health with Editor Ryan Sloane of DineAndCook.com – listen to our chat about traditional cooking practices and the emotional side of eating, as well as the making of the book.

On The Menu Radio Interview

Last weekend, I was interviewed for Pittsburgh-based ‘On The Menu’, an exciting weekly, one-hour radio program on the wide world of food, wine, travel & lifestyle. Listen to our conversation…

Fridge Makeover

We’ve all heard ‘you are what you eat’, but eating right at home starts before you even open your mouth. Get off to the right start by shopping and stocking the fridge the skinny way – join me for more than a dozen radio interviews!

How to Entertain the Skinny Way

It’s fun to entertain when the weather gets warmer. In this wide-ranging interview on national Sirius Radio, I share tips and recipes with the Comoslicious Girls.

April 2008 Newsletter: Healthy Entertaining

Get ready for warmer weather and slim down for spring! Cooking with plenty of fresh vegetables is the best way to lose weight and still enjoy a completely satisfying meal. So save on calories without skipping on portion size or flavor.

Delicious Superfoods

Listen to the radio interviews below to learn how easy it is to incorporate superfoods like grapefruit into your diet. I share many of my favorite tips and kitchen tricks over the air waves to anyone who wants to look a feel better, including busy parents, sports buffs, working singles, and growing teens.

In Granny’s Kitchen #1: Milk

In Granny’s Kitchen is an on-going series of taped conversations that take place at Granny’s kitchen table, in the house where I grew up.

In this episode, we talk about old-fashioned traditions surrounding milk. Granny tells us about a glass milk bottle shaped like a baby, and how milk was delivered to her home when she was just a girl.