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Is Butter Better?

Nothing smells better than melted butter – and many readers ask why don’t I use butter in my recipes more often. Is butter really bad? Or could it be better as some of the latest health trends indicate?

Dietary Supplements Explained

When I first posted on dietary supplements, one of my readers asked about resveratrol and what to look out for when considering different brands. It’s an interesting question, so let me explain my thoughts on the topic.

Increase Your Lifespan with Food?

Since food is so intricately linked to survival, it begs the question whether modifying your food consumption can also increase your lifespan. A new study reveals the answer.

March 2009 Newsletter

March is the month when I start to crave warmer weather and sunny afternoons. With cold temperatures and brisk winds keeping us indoors, it’s the perfect chance to catch up on some reading that you won’t have time for when outdoor summer sports and barbeque weather kicks in.

The Truth About Diet Pills & Fad Diets

Everyone is talking about the downside to ‘Fad Diets’ in the media and why they can be so hard to follow. I’m so happy to see a real ‘anti-diet’ spirit growing and a shift to living life through healthy eating and moderation. But let’s take a closer look at fad diets to really understand why they are so problematic.

Can You Cure Acne with Diet?

I’ve always believed that beautiful skin comes from two places, first heredity and second diet. So what if you’re prone to acne or dry skin? Can diet really make a difference? What about vitamin supplements? Is it possible to ‘overdose’ on vitamins?

September 2008 Newsletter

Summer is coming to a close soon and kids will be back in school. Maintaining a healthy eating routine is the best way to retain your summer bathing suit bod. Read in Jennifer’s September 2008 newsletter about her recent appearance on Better TV and her role on 350 F – One Hot Cooking Show.

Cooking With Superfoods

In a wide-ranging discussion with Better TV’s Audra Lowe, Jennifer highlighted her tips on cooking with readily available superfoods – watch the segment, and get her six recipes for popsicles, cupcakes and salsa!